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Art Glass Millworks Doors

Have you ever admired a historic house, wondered how it could stand strong and square after hundreds of years? It's all in the construction. "Mortise and Tenon" construction is a time-tested method of locking wood joints together. The method involves cutting a mortise, or hole in one piece of wood and forming a tenon, or projecting part on another, and fitting them together tightly to form a secure bond between the two components.

Constructs every entry door with this centuries-old method, and takes it one step further, by applying waterproof bonding agents inside the joint to permanently join together the stiles and rails, which are the vertical and horizontal structural components.

All stiles and rails in our oak entry doors are laminated-not to be confused with veneer. We take two boards of superior quality four-quarter (1" thick) Northern American Red Oak and bond them together to form a sort of sandwich around the glue. This method creates stress balanced components of solid wood with maximum resistance to warping. ART GLASS ETC., INC. doors are solid wood, not veneered.