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Lemieux Doors

Innovation takes on a whole new meaning at Lemieux Doors, a company dedicated to combing the globe for breakthrough technology, and developing advanced manufacturing methods. Increased productivity without compromising quality is the prime objective! And throughout the years Lemieux Doors hasn't stopped evolving, offering more value by streamlining operations and remaining truly competitive. Innovation is very clearly the guiding principle at Lemieux Doors! Witness its product configuration SAP software, linking together all vital company protocol, and the implementation, at its new plant, of one of the world's largest environmentally freindly solar heating systems. Indeed the Canadian Solar Energies Association bestowed upon Lemieux the 2005 "Solar Thermal Project of the Year" award. Above and beyond the advantages of technology and innovation is the importance of a dynamic team dedicated to this company's focus on the highest quality product. Our team is a valuable asset, and Lemieux Doors is committed to the well-being of our staff, and to a secure, stimulating work environment. With this unparalleled vision and oustanding corporate mission, it's little wonder Lemieux Doors finds itself among the global leaders in the manufacture of door