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Linear Burner System
Linear Burner System Outdoor
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Spark Modern Gas Fire Products

Linear Burner System

SPARK’s latest leading-edge innovation, the linear burner system is so completely customizable that gas fire becomes the ultimate designer’s tool.

Create any firescape length—from 24” to an incredible 96.”  Choose from multiple fire views—one-sided,
two-sided view-through on either an interior or exterior wall, a three-sided peninsula fire, or even a full 360 degree open fire with only a an overhead hood.

The linear burner system is entirely pre-approved and exceeds all national safety standards, leaving you free to create your fire based purely on good design.

This versatile modular system is retro-fit ready as well, engineered to slot right into an existing firebox, transforming a wood-burning fireplace into a sleek modern fire.

Finish the linear burner system with the surround of your choice. You design this fire, down to every last detail.



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